António AREAL

António Areal born in Porto on June 8, 1934. 

Part of its energy and nonconformity that characterize their behavior derive the fight against heart failure that brand since childhood and that imposes restrictions on their physical abilities and work. 

Moves permanently to Lisbon with his family in 1951 Due to problems with health never finishes his secondary studies or perform any specific preparation specialist. His literary interests are essentially poetic and philosophical. 

In 1952 states will create plastic devote himself exclusively but only after 1954 participate in collective former. 

It was a time when their activity is exerted mainly in the field of design and in the formal and thematic influence of Surrealism. The intersection between the literary and the visual, resulted in the first period, some illustrations for books and their first artistic "manifestos" that now defined the intransigence of his character, the obsession with avant-garde rupture, the understanding of artistic creation as a ethics. 

The excellence of his technique as designer will soon recognized in 1957 by being awarded the "Prize Drawing" during the First Exhibition of Plastic Arts of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for his bout 'Tribute to Fernão Mendes Pinto' as well as a scholarship to study in Paris. 

Between 1960-61 he lived in S. Paulo, Brazil, where he presented in full development of a new phase: the gesture and freedom will matter entirely abstract images of great energy and vigor, presenting as shards of color and light gaming . 

In designing the density of the painting is replaced by a set of black and white backgrounds with cuttlefish. 

The year 1964 means a new facet in its production, probably the beginning of the most fruitful part of his work; in formal relationship with surrealism but already within a project that it departs decisively. 

In 1965 receives the award for Painting House Press. Starts by this time one which he himself describes as neo-figurative phase, definitely away from the formal abstraction. 

In 1968 receives national prize drawing. In 1971 begins a major series of his painting: The Collector which was followed by a series of knights and Pianists marking its clear option for figurative. After that his artistic activity slows down considerably just by participating in collective sporadic. 

He died in July 1978 in Lisbon. 




1952: Began to devote himself to art; 

1955: General Exhibition of visual arts, SNBA; 

1956: General Exhibition of visual arts, SNBA; Exhibition artists today, Exhibition Carlos Calvet and Jorge Vieira Portico Gallery, 1st Exhibition of collages Portico Gallery; 

1957: Exhibition of Contemporary Portuguese Engraving Engraving Gallery 1st Exhibition of fine art promoted by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation where it is awarded a prize drawing; 

1958: 1st Salon of Modern Art of SNBA; 1st Salon of Modern Art House Press; 

1959: Exposicion of Grabados Anglais organized by Contemporary Printmaking in April, Madrid; Participation in the exhibition Bianco e Nero Lugano - L'Exposition of Contemporary incisione Portugal it Rome, Paris Salon Jeune Gravure; 

1960: II Hall Modern Art, SNBA. Designed F. C. Gulbenkian scholarship study; 

1962: II Solo exhibition of drawings and engravings S. Luiz Art Gallery, St. Paul; 

1967: IX Biennial Exhibition, St. Paul; Exhibition at SNI "dramatic history of an egg"; 

1968: Exhibition at Cooperative Tree; 

1969: 1st Solo Exhibition in the Gallery of São Mamede, with drawings of 1953/58; Exhibition of drawings with text by Agustina Bessa Luís; Palácio Foz, Lisbon; Exhibition at Galeria Alvarez; 

1970: Gallery Bucholz; 

1971: Solo exhibition at Galeria de São Mamede; 

1972: 10 Artists gallery São Mamede; Alvarez Gallery; 1973: Solo exhibition at Galeria de São Mamede, "new works by 1962"; Solo exhibition at Gallery de São Mamede, "On an issue of Fuseli"; 

1974: Exhibition of AICA in Lisbon; 

1990: First Retrospective, Port, Serralves Foundation and Lisbon, Centro Modern Art, Gulbenkian Foundation

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