Armando Alves

Born in Estremoz in 1935 did the Preparation Course for Fine Arts at the School of Decorative Arts Antonio Arroyo, in Lisbon. Completed Painting Course at the School of Fine Arts in Porto, where he was Assistant Professor from 1962 to 1973 Her work has been exhibited frequently at home and abroad. Is represented in several private collections and public bodies. Early connected to the graphic it is due to its activity, a profound renewal and enhancement of this area, as demonstrated in the individual exhibition held at the Academy of Fine Arts in Porto, in 1965, and since then other accomplishments in the arts. In 2006 on the 10th of June is bestowed by the President with the Grade of Grand Officer of the Order of Merit. More recently, he was awarded the "Prize of Arts Casino da Povoa 2009". 




1956 X General Exhibition of Fine Arts, Lisbon, SNBA; Exhibition of Modern Art, Povoa de Varzim 


1957 Exhibition at Camping de Setúbal Club; 1st Exhibition of Fine Arts, Lisbon, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation 


1958 11 Portuguese Painters, Madrid, April Gallery; II Spring Salon of the Sunshine Coast, Estoril; Exposure VII of Magna College of Fine Arts of Porto, Porto; Starts working in Graphic Arts 


1959 Magna VIII Exposition of the School of Fine Arts in Oporto, Oporto 


1960 2nd Exposure Extra-School Students of the School of Fine Arts of Porto, Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon; Magna Exhibition IX of the Higher School of Fine Arts of Porto, Porto; Exhibition of Modern Art, Amarante; 60 Hall, Port, Fenians; Metropolitan Twelve Artists, Lourenço Marques; Festival of St. Luke, Évora 


1961 3rd Exhibition Extra-School Students of the School of Fine Arts of Porto, Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon; X Magna Exhibition of School of Fine Arts of Porto, Porto; Portuguese Art, Antwerp; Portuguese Art, Belgium, Anvers; II Biennial of Paris - Young Painting, Paris; Fine Arts Exhibition (integrated in the Burning of the Ribbons), Coimbra - 1st Prize for Painting 


1962 Completes Degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Porto, with final classification of 20 values??; You are invited to hold the position of Assistant Professor in the same school; XI Magna Exhibition of School of Fine Arts of Porto, Porto; Fine Arts Exhibition, organized by the Lusitano Club Gym 


1963 Inaugural Exhibition of Cooperative Art Activities "Tree", Porto; XII Magna Exhibition of School of Fine Arts in Oporto, Oporto 


1964 Invited by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, conducts a study trip to England 


First 1965 Spring Salon, Guimarães; Solo exhibition at the Cooperative Art Activities "Tree"; First solo exhibition of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Porto; Study trips to Spain and France 


1966 Exposition of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Baghdad; XV Magna Exhibition of School of Fine Arts of Porto, Porto; Exhibition of Modern Art in Cinquentenário Death Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, Amarante 


1967 Inaugural Exhibition Gallery Disclosure, Porto; Exhibition of Portuguese Art, Baghdad (organized by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation); XVI Exhibition of Magna College of Fine Arts in Oporto, Oporto 


1968 constitutes the group "The Four Twenty Something" (with Angelo de Sousa, Jorge Pinheiro and José Rodrigues); The Four Twenty Something, Port, Cooperative Tree Gallery Domingues Alvarez; Exhibition of Modern Art, Caldas da Rainha, Museum José Malhoa; Editorial Graphic direction of Inova, founded this year; Graphically directs the work here There was Portugal Name (anthology of verse and prose about the Port, organized by Eugenio de Andrade, special commemorative edition of the 1100 years of the city of Porto) 


1969 Exhibition tribute to Souza-Cardoso, Amarante; The Four Twenty Something, Port, Zen Gallery; Lisbon SNBA; Portuguese Letters graphically directs the work assigned to Mariana Alcoforado (translated by Eugenio de Andrade, with drawings by José Rodrigues, special commemorative edition of the 300 years of publication of the original text) 


1970 The Four Twenty Something, Paris, Jacques Gallery Desbrière; Poster Catherine Euphemia, with drawing and poem by José Rodrigues Sophia Mello and Breyner Andresen 


1971 Directorate of graphical work Memories of Joy (anthology of verse and prose about Coimbra, organized by Eugenio de Andrade, special commemorative edition of the centenary of the "70 Generation"); Graphic direction Ostinato Rigore, Eugenio de Andrade, whose cover reproduces your design; Poster Meditation Catarina Gonçalves Egypt poem with drawing Augusto Gomes 


1972 Directs graphically the variations work on a Body (anthology of contemporary erotic poetry organized by Eugenio de Andrade, with 26 drawings by José Rodrigues); Graphically directs Verses and some prose work of Luis de Camões (anthology organized by Eugenio de Andrade, commemorating 450 years of the birth of Camões); Performs graphically "Camiliana Library", directed by Alexandre Cabral 


1973 graphically Performs poetry collection Clues Oiro; Commemorative Poster 1st Exhibition of Handmade Jewellery Gondomar; Poster Nasoni Architect of Porto, in commemoration of the Centennial II; Collectively, Port, Gallery Two 


1974 Poster The Popular Will, MDP; Graphically illustrates and directs Elephant Pink-Pink, children's book by Louise Dacosta, edited by Figueirinhas, Puerto 


1975 Survey of art of the twentieth century in Porto, Porto National Museum Soares dos Reis; People Poster / MFA (tribute to Vasco Goncalves, Armando Alves with drawing and poem by Eugenio de Andrade); Graphic direction of the Editorial threshold, founded this year; Commemorative poster for the 53rd World Day of Cooperation; Poster Emigrant - Cultural Dynamism; Poster commemorating the International Women's Year; Commemorative Poster of Universal Children's Day; Poster and scenarios to play Lux in Tenebris, on the text of Bertoit Brecht, staged by Pere Planella, brought to life by Sap Troupe, Porto; Participation in Collective Mural of Viseu 


1976 Directs the exhibition and graphic organization of the catalog of the exhibition of 30 years of Eugenio de Andrade, conducted by Inova, the Engineer António de Almeida Foundation, Port 


1977 Directs the organization of the exhibition and catalog of the Week Conferences and Cinema dedicated to the works of Virgil Ferreira, conducted by Editorial Inova Commercial Athenaeum in Porto; Program for the concert tribute to Fernando Lopes Graça on his 70th birthday; Poster for the European Championship of Cadets - Cup Jean Becker - Tennis CTP 


1978 Solo Exhibition in the Gallery of the Journal News, Port, on occasion being published by Editorial Inova a catalog with extensive iconographic and critical documentation; Poster and program for The Emigrants, Slawomir Mrozok piece, staged by John Lawrence and brought to life by the Experimental Theatre of the Port; Poster of Augusto Gomes, with text by Eugenio de Andrade 


1979 graphically directs the latest edition of the Innovates Editorial, Poems of the Last Century Before the Man 


1980 Editorial Board of the graphical Oiro Day, successor to innovate; Graphical accomplishment, this publisher, the poetry collection Obscure Domain and The Sorcerer's Apprentice 


1981 Solo Exhibition at Gallery News Journal, Port, and by that time edited by Oiro Day an album with three platelet dedicated to Armando Alves and his drawings: The condition of the look of Maria Alzira Pebble, The lungs of Herberto and Armando Alves and the lamp of Aladdin Eduarda Chiote; Graphical direction from the catalog of the retrospective exhibition of the first 50 shows of the Experimental Theatre of the Port 


1982 Aspects of Abstract Art from 1970 to 1980, Lisbon, SNBA; Arteder / 82 - International Muestra of Graphic Art, Bilbao; Graphic of Portugal, Berlin, Gallery Am Weldandam; Held the exhibition The Painter and the city (watercolors on Port Antonio Cruz and elsewhere, the Casa do Infante), and directs graphically in Oiro Day, editing an album with the same title. Graphically addresses the following issues: Maternity, Almada Negreiros to the National Press; The Lusiads, with drawings by José Rodrigues to the Bookstore Figueirinhas; and Complete Works of Manuel da Fonseca, for the Editorial Path 


Graphic Arts Exhibition 1983, Braga, Museum of Biscaínhos; 1st National Exhibition of Drawing, Port, Cooperative Tree; Shows Graphic Arts Grafiporto 83, Oporto, National Museum Soares dos Reis - 1st Prize 


1984 Pictures at an Exhibition, Matosinhos, Tourist Office of the Municipality; Collectively, Lisbon, Gallery Altamira (with Jorge Pinheiro, José Rodrigues, Mário de Carvalho Americo and Zulmiro); 15 Portuguese Artists, West Germany, Goethe Institut; IV International Biennial of Cerveira, Cerveira 


1985 Collective, Lisbon, Atelier 15; The Four Vintes twenty years later, Harbor, House of Prince, with catalog edited by Oiro Day; Solo exhibition at the Museum of Serigraphs Biscainhos, Braga; Individual Painting Exhibition at Cooperative Tree, Porto d'Ouro in the catalog published by the Day 


1986 Portuguese Art, Bordeaux 


1987 Collective Design Cooperative Tree, Port, Mercado Ferreira Borges; Solo exhibition at Gallery Nasoni, Porto; Was represented at the MARK 87, Wood - Stand Gallery Nasoni 


1988 Solo Exhibition; FIAC'88, Paris, Stand Gallery Nasoni 


1990 Solo exhibition Objects in Gallery Nasoni Port 


1993 Solo Exhibition at Cooperative Tree, Port 


Artists Working 1994 7 Silver, Porto Santos Gallery; Solo exhibition at Gallery Art Step, Porto; Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Portugal, Wiesloch 


1995 Exhibition of Contemporary Art Portuguesa, Porto and Amarante; International Art Biennial of Vila Nova da Cerveira, Vila Nova da Cerveira; Solo exhibition at Galeria Fernando Santos, Porto; Justice, Port, Gallery Square; Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Portugal, Heidelberg and Bonn 


Dimension Drawing in 1996, Rio de Janeiro, the Imperial Palace; Ten Portuguese Painters, Zamora, Zamora Biennale; Solo exhibition at the Pousada de S. Francisco, Beja; Collectively, Vila do Conde, Delaunay Art Gallery; Collectively, Lisbon, National Association of Pharmacies 


1997 Pharmacy, Oporto, Gallery Square; Solo exhibition at Galeria Municipal de Vila Franca de Gaia 


1997-1998 Dimension Drawing, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Recife, Belem, Santos, Niterói, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Santiago, Chile


1998 Exhibition of the Red Cross, Lisbon Expo '98; Exhibit at the National Painting Prize António Joaquim (artist Gaia) Gaia; Iberian Summit VIII, Porto Cooperative Tree 


1999 50 50 Frames - Colors of Porto, Porto University College; Treasures of Portugal (built in commemoration of June 10), Macau; CIRCA 1968 Port, Serralves Foundation (inaugural exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art); Tracks of Feeling, Lisbon, Gallery Domus Various (inaugural exhibition) 


2000 1st Biennale of Painting Domingos Sequeira, Lisbon, Bairro Alto Art Gallery; Solo exhibition at the Pousada de Nossa Senhora da Assunção, Arraiolos 


Port 60/70 2001 - The Artists City Port, Serralves Museum and Cooperative Tree; Artists of Alentejo, Contemporary Art Gallery edia - Company and infrastructure Alqueva SA; Art Vanguard 60/70 years at the Port, Port, Almeida Garrett Library Gallery; Solo exhibition at Gallery Domus Several, Lisbon 


2002 Inaugural Exhibition Gallery «Art Twelve" in Lisbon; Exhibition «Lambs 2002 'Contemporary Art in the Estoril Congress Centre; Solo exhibition "The Places of Design 'in the Palace of the Viscounts Balsemão, Porto; XIX Group Exhibition of Members of the Cooperative Tree in the Mercado Ferreira Borges, Porto; Exposure «A Breath Breath" (Luisa Dacosta), the Library Almeida Garrett, Porto; Exhibition Gallery «Art Twelve" in Viseu 


2003 Solo exhibition at Galeria das Antas, Porto; Exhibition "Journey Island of Mozambique» in Júlio Resende Foundation; Exhibition "The Tree in Port Art» Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art; Exhibition "Glimpse of Portugal» The Voyage The Encounter of Two People at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture in São Paulo, Brazil; Exhibition "Master Painting" at the Gallery at Port Lambs; Exhibition «Portuguese Contemporary Artists' Collection Casa da Cerca in Tavira Palace Gallery, November 03 to February 04 


2004 Exhibition «Island of Mozambique» Maputo, Mozambique; Organized by Júlio Resende Foundation with support from the Fundação Oriente; Individual Design Exhibition at Casa da Cerca in Almada with the poster presentation for the International Festival of Almada 


2004: "A feeling of Landscape", Galeria São Mamede, Lisbon; 


2006 "Same Address", Galeria São Mamede, Lisbon 


2007 Group Exhibition "Portuguese Contemporary Landscape" in Ryhad in Saudi Arabia. Collective Exhibition Gallery Lambs Customs in the Port. Group Exhibition "25 Artists", at Gallery Lambs in Porto. Group Exhibition "20 Painters Contemporary Portuguese", Cloisters, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal. 


2008 Solo exhibition "Landscapes" on the seventh anniversary of Eurogaleria in Porto. Exhibition "Horizon Line - The subject of landscape in contemporary Portuguese art", Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Exhibition of Fine Arts' School of Porto - Two Generations ", Biennial of Art Keys, the Municipal Library. Exhibition "Horizon Line - The subject of landscape in contemporary Portuguese art", National Museum Soares dos Reis, Porto. Collective exhibition "Abstract Sculpture in Decades Collection 1960 -1970 at the Serralves Foundation" at the Centre for Contemporary Art Graca Morais, Bragança. Fair "Arte Lisboa 2008" at Galeria São Mamede. 


2009 Collective exhibition of the Serralves Foundation collection "Serralves 2009 Collection", Serralves Foundation, Porto. Collective exhibition "Woven Art - Portalegre Tapestry in Contemporary Art" at the Cultural Forum Ermesinde. Collective exhibition in the gallery São Mamede, of 4 July to 15 September in Porto. Solo exhibition at the gallery Valbom in Lisbon. Fair "Arte Lisboa 2009" at Galeria São Mamede and Gallery Valbom. Assignment of the "Award of Arts Casino da Povoa 2009" in December, in Povoa do Varzim. Solo exhibition "The Sense of One Route" in December, in Ermesinde Forum. 


2010 Group Exhibition "Portuguese Drawing in Egypt", Amir Taz Palace, Cairo. Collective exhibition "9 x 16", Euro Gallery, Porto. Solo exhibition "The Sense of One Route" in March, the Warehouse Arts - Cultural Foundation in Alcobaça. Collective exhibition "Shared Paths 7" in May, the Candid Color Gallery in Porto. Group Exhibition "Portalegre Tapestry - Expression of Contemporary Art," in Neo-Realism Museum in Vila Franca de Gaia; solo exhibition "A look at the landscape" in November and December at Galeria São Mamede, Porto.

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